This website allows you to create custom payloads for the USB Rubber Ducky. The site contains 25 scripts you may select individually or combine to make whatever payload you require.

Scripts require:
- Administrative Access
- PowerShell to be Installed
- Command Prompt to be Enabled
- Some Scripts Require Internet Access

All scripts will erase themselves and any other generated files after running.

Some scripts require credentials, such as FTP passwords etc. If you are unwilling to supply this information for security reasons you may download a .txt version of you payload, enter the variables and encode offline.

Select from 25 scripts to make a custom payload

Create a Twin Duck payload

Create your own scripts and encode them online.

The Duck Toolkit is an open source Penetration Testing tool for authorized network auditing and security analysis purposes only where permitted. Users are solely responsible for compliance with all laws of their locality. The Duck Toolkit software developers and affiliates claim no responsibility for unauthorized or unlawful use.